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    Need help - Have been using Good Link on my 700P for over a year (and really liked it) but my company is moving away from Good so I bought Chatter Email only to find out that Exchange plugins are not included / supported any more. Any one know where I can get those EX pluggins, right now I am using Versamail for my corporate email solution and not real happy with it. I was hoping Chatter would be much better then Versamail!!! Thoughts
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    I find myself in the same boat. I'm using versamail for exchange and chatteremail for all the other email accounts (pop and imap). It would be nice to use just one email client.
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    Do a search in the forums here. Someone posted a link to both the EX plugins that you can get.
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    Whatever happened to Did Marc/Palm take that down?

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    Yep, Marc took the plugins down and told everyone they are no longer supported. My personal opinion is that if Palm is going to continue to sell Chatter at $40 a pop (which in my opinion is still the best Palm email program), then it is reprehensible to no longer support the ex plugins. Of course, that and a quarter might get you a cup of coffee, but that's my story and I'm stickin to it.
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    I need this too. please e-mail me the info
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    You can still find them here
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    It seems to be missing from that site too? The download never startes and then takes me back to the form home page..


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