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    I swear to God this app is useless!!
    Everytime I get an email with a pdf attachment I receive an error saying "This does not appear to be a valid PDF file"
    What is the point of getting attachments on your Treo if you can't open it!!
    Anyone have any advice?
    Dataviz has been useless also with their runaround website customer service.
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    Take it easy my friend...

    Just go to your desktop docs2Go and look for the Re-install handheld apps option. That should take care of the problem.
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    no it doesn't. I have deleted, installed moved you name it and this piece of junk software does not work. I purchased the last 2 upgrades and emailed an actual file to their customer service thinking that they could/would look at the file and offer a fix. It didn't help. I have given up and I just don't bother with it anymore.
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    I agree. Both DocumentsToGo (with PDFToGo) and PalmPDF have trouble opening almost any PDF I try to open. I think it probably has to do with a newer version of Adobe used to create the files. DocumentsToGo also has trouble opening many of the Powerpoint files I try to open.

    I get very frustrated too. These programs are pretty useless to me!
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    I have found that I can't open it from within my email client, but if I save it, launch Docs2Go, browse to the file, then I can open it. Same error happens if I try to open a pdf from within Resco Explorer. Seems you have to be in Docs2Go to open them.
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