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    I've got an unlocked UK Palm Centro. I used to use TCMP on my Treo 680 and everything worked fine.

    I've installed it on the Centro, and have tried using Pocket DVD to rip DVD for use on the Centro. Whilst the video appears fine, the audio is just a series of random crackles.

    I've installed v0.72 of TCMP and tried v0.66 installing all the plugins that came with each version, as well as adding the mysterious aac plugin, all to no avail.

    Can anyone suggest a solution? I know people do use TCMP with the Centro successfully, so it's irritating that something's not quite OK with my setup.

    Many thanks

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    I've used TCPMP on Centro without issues. Try using a different video file or check your settings.
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    If I understand your problem....

    You may want to go and try one of the video files from to make sure your Centro is setup correctly using TCPMP. They work great on my Centro.

    I think if your Centro does fine with the above test, you should try to configure your settings in PocketDVD to the same used in the above site for encoding: 320kps video, 96kps audio.

    Lastly, you may need to use a different encoding tool. There are a bunch of tools (and how-to's) that do this at
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