I have been a happy user of SilverScreen upto version 1.9.8
I decided to upgrade to version 2.0 yesterday and today I encounter so far 3 major problems on my Visor Platinum (no hacks installed):

Problem 1:
1. View is List.
2. I click on the "+" next to the Name column.
3. The applications and their respective DBs are displayed.
4. The Visor hangs.

Problem 2:
1. The VPL is off.
2. Insert the Handspring Backup module SpringBoard (or any other
module: MatchBookCF Adapter, Xircom SpringPort 56 Modem).
3. The screen of the VPL displays garbage and the VPL hangs.

Problem 3:
1. Connect to my ISP using the Xircom SpringPort 56 Modem
2. Connection established
3. Launch Blazer
4. Crash (Fatal Exception)

Anyone else experiences similar problems?