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    I have a Rogers Treo 650. I recently downloaded an upgrade patch from Palm that now has my desktop application as Palm Desktop by Access. Other than making all my calender dates now only in one color, it seems to work ok.

    My real problem is when I do a Hot Sync via the USB cable

    1. The Hotsync does not recognize my User ID on the handheld and consequently reboots the entire unit (like a hard reset) and washes out all my data.

    2. I have to do a second HotSync at which time it asks me for my User ID and only then does it synchro with the desktop and I get all my data back but only after I have popped out the SD card, turned on the phone, etc..

    The result is a long, tedious HotSync AND any data inputed via the handheld is not recognized by the desktop as it hard resets in the initial HotSync and only recognizes the data on the desktop.

    If anyone can advise me as to what to do, it would be appreciated.
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    I managed to resolve the issue (somehow). Everything back to normal. Thanks.

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