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    Don't use VM much, but I finally got around the "invalid credentials" bug, so now it's working.

    Is there any way to get VM to download image attachments in an email instead of just view them?

    I have several .bmp files in an email and I can only view them.
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    I you gently touch the icon for each attachment you ought to get a drop down menue that lets you choose what to do, including save. It is a bit tricky to hit the icon just right.

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    In my screen, there is a little envelope looking icon at the far right of the bottom bar in the email that contains the attachment. This little envelope has an arrow pointing down on it.

    I tap on that and it downloads the attachment, be it image or wav file. After it downloads, it will be posted at the bottom of your screen. Next to it you will see a yellow "paper" looking icon. Tap on it and then you will get three options - "view," "select viewer," and "save."
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    Ah you have to actually touch the icon. That's not too convenient. Would have been nice if the menu displayed on hold-click like most apps.
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    Oh, and looks like i didn't fix the "invalid credentials" bug.

    Time to kick VM to the curb again.

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