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    My boss is using a 650 for a year now until he bought a new one (Treo 680). He task me to research if 650's files can be transfered to his new 680?

    BDW, this are the files he wishes to transfer to his new 680:

    Message database (if possible)

    Someone out there have tried this, pls post your experience in my message board..

    Thank you so much in advance!

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    It should be possible. The PIM should be transferable. Keep the T680 clean. Install the new palm desktop from 680 CD. In windows go to program files->palm desktop -> hotsync user id. Rename backup folder to another name. In sys tray right click hotsync icon, click setting. Make sure desktop overwrite handheld for the first sync. Then sync T680, and choose the old hotsync id when asked. The PIM should be transfered. SMS database is in Messaging. I don't know if it's advisable to copy from old renamed backup folder to the new backup folder. You can try, but it must be after the 1st sync is done.
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    P.S. Look on the first sticky thread in the Treo680 section.

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