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    have been using chattermail going on 3 years with aol/imap, never had a problem. today it now reads my aol acct as "bad folder". the error message tells me i have exceeded my 2000 message limit. it tells me i have 131 million messages. i tried deleting the acct on chatter and reinstalling, but same problem. is this an aol problem. i have a second lesser used aol acct, but that is functioning ok. is anyone else seeing this
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    It sounds like you have some corruption. I would recommend either of two solutions. TealScan and DBFixit will help fix any corruption. Tealscan will fix it in trial mode, whereas DBFixit will diagnose any corruption issues in trial mode, but you have to pay for the app to fix it. The one thing DBFixit does that TealScan doesn't, is that it will also scan any other databases you want to check for corruption. Tealscan has many other functions, however, so they are both very good products. I would recommend starting with a trial of TealScan and scan your PIM data for corrupt data. If its not a corruption problem, then its a Chatter problem, but I'm betting on the former.
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    is this a folder? or your INBOX folder?

    Download the leatest AOL DESKTOP version (not 9.1..but called AOL Desktop)

    This new ver will allow you to read more than the 2000msg limit in your folder.

    From there, move the emails around, (making the 2000 messages smaller)

    Reconnect with chatter, delete mailbox and restore it.

    It should work -I have ran into that problem before

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