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    Does anyone know why my Treo 650 and my Garmin c580 streetpilot will not keep a Bluetooth connection. If someone calls me it will conect but then disconect when I hang up. It will not allow me to make calls except by dialing from my phone and then using the Garmin, I cannot dial from my GPS. If someone could help me I would sure appreciate it other wise I will have a Treo 650 for sell, and I dont want that because I love it but I know it should stay connected.
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    Sorry but I do not know. The Treo 650 will only blue tooth one device at a time. I use the TomTom Navigator 6 and it works well with calling from the Nav software and paring with my GPS chip.

    I got my TomTom Navigator from eBay very cheap, like $105 after shipping. Maybe you could try it.
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    Just went to Garmin's website. They say they have a new update. Maybe that will help. Also, this may work like a headset. Only connects while it's active - on a call.

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