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    Can anyone recommend a voice command software for dialing that works with the 755? I have checked the threads but unable to find any information.
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    VoiceDialIt....Been using it for a while now and it works well.
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    Voice Dial by Voice Signal is another option. The base version came on the Treo 650 CD.
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    Treo Voicedial from Palm's website has worked best for my 755p. I tried Voicedialit and Nuance Voice dial, too. Voicedialit wasn't very accurate. Nuance Voice Dial worked very well but you must have an internet connection since it stores all of your contact info and uses a server to interpret your commands. I did like that I could dictate SMS messages or short emails and it was very accurate at converting them to text to send. I didn't like that it was a $6 monthly charge through Sprint.

    Treo Voicedial works well without training and at least you can initiate a text or email message and even launch programs with it. You purchase the program so there are no monthly fees.
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    Voice Dial from voice signal says it works on the centro, but after I download it & run the installer it says it won't work on this model!! I want to buy it dang it!

    I have had voice signal built into all of my samsung phones and the speaker-independent recognition has been great.

    Has anyone got it to work on the centro?
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    any of them turn on automatically?
    While driving I don't want to have to launch it?

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