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    I hope I make sense here..

    Does anyone have the issue of the battery cover's edges not aligning well with the body of the phone? On my phone it is more noticeable on one side. I tried removing and reinstalling the cover, but I still get the edge (from the cover) to not line up. I use the folded bill trick to help the squeaking, but even if I take it out, it doesnt help.

    This is the ONLY thing wrong with my phone. Its just driving me nuts!

    If im not mistaken, I think I saw someone mention this somewhere. I used the search but couldnt find anything.
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    Are you saying part of the cover sticks out on the side? Was it that way when you got the phone or did it somehow flex and get distorted. I'd think they should be able to just swap it for a new one like a battery under warranty.
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    Yeah mine is like that a little on one side. It drove me nuts to start with but it doesn't bother me any more. Also it helps if you get a clear case.
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    Mine has the same problem but it really only developed after taking the cover off a few times - creaks a little if you squeeze it one way. The Centro cover fits so tightly that it's hard to get off and on and I think it distorts if you aren't careful. Fortunately I don't think I'll need to take it off much and as Penny said, a case will take care of everything.
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    You know my first Pink Centro (well wait that was my second one) creaked and the sides fit poorly but then I had to take it back in and exchange it because the down on my nav button stopped functioning right and they gave me a third pink one and this one seemed to be perfect no creaks no misaligned keys, the only thing was that I could feel the battery doors edge was not completely flush with one side. Seems that the new batches of Pink centros are pretty much perfect.
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    it's a cheap piece of plastic mass produced in a 3rd world country.....

    you can get a new cover for like 6$ or you might be able to have someone at a sprint store just exhange the cover out for you.

    if that's all you have to worry about you're doing good....many more things could go wrong with a phone.
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    yea, ive learned not to pay it any attention...
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    i checked mine after reading this, one side does stick out more than the other...unless i'm running my fingers checking for it, i don't notice it.

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