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    Hi! So far, I've read for a WHILE, searched with different combinations, and still need an answer to something that I have found "hints" to, but no real explanation.

    My need: I want increased system stability. I do not want to reset as often as I do now.

    Solution #1. Since the Cing ROM has the smallest partition size, I can simply use the ROMTool to take out things that I do not want (XpressMail, Get Good, RealPlayer, VersaMail). I'll then remove the exisisting FAT file and replace it with FAT32. This will increase system stability?

    Solution #2. Upgrade v.1.17bCNG to v.1.20-ENA. Then use ROMTool to do the same as above.

    The Question with Solution#2 is, the method to Unbrand. While I learned how to use the ROMTool very quickly from just reading, there seems to be scant info on exactly HOW to Unbrand.

    I've found that the best method seems to be to use the CNG to ENA program set by forum member James. I do not know however, if this is the only program I need to run.

    I'm aware that I can edit the tokens in ROMTool, and then use the Palm updater (wherever that is), but again, how do you DO that? lol (I mean,after I edit the tokens, etc)

    Any help would be much appreciated, thank you , and Happy Easter!

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    Wow. Nevermind, found out for myself, lol! The CNG to ENA App is all that was needed. Now, I'm going to use the ROMTool To take a few things out, adjust the bluetooth, and volia.

    And you all know what? V.1.20-ENA IS snappier, lol And the CNG wasn't bad to begin with! James also included NotePad and VoiceMemo. You're awesome man, if you're still here. Thanks to all!

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    I'm in the same boat, actually. Just unlocked a Cingular 650 to use with my T-Mobile account and would like to unbrand and ditch unusable apps (Versamail forces a restart, eg.) and also edit preset Favorites Buttons.

    Where can I get the CNG to ENA and RomTool apps? And will I need a road map on how to do this without rendering my new Treo unusable?

    Also, how do I find out what system software I'm using, or upgrade if I need to?
    UPDATE: Just found out: I' m running 1.02 CNG. Is that gonna be a problem?

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