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    I'm trying to increase my knowledge of programming and software development and I'd like to try and develop an application for my treo 755p. Can anyone direct me to a good place to start? I'm pretty familiar with c++ and c# and I use visual studio to do most of my windows based programming. I've programmed in basic, but it's been a while. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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    I have a been developing software for Windows desktop and mobiles for about 8 years, and have tried several 3rd party apps, but there isn't anything close to Visual Studio. There is a lot of 3rd party support and code on the Net, so if you are testing the 'programming' waters again, go with VS. I have developed an inventory program w/photos for the desktop with a mobile client (Treo 750 with camera, touch screen and qwerty...easy choice) using local and remote databases, and found the desktop code is easily transferred and modified to fit in the Treo's tummy. It's an easy learning curve, and with 3rd party component vendors out there (OpenNetCF for example), you shouldn't have any problems.

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