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    I have a problem in messaging, if there is a link to follow inside the message, you can't simply select the link and it will go there? Does anyone else have that problem? If so how is is remedied?

    And one more thing....I used to be able to program a number button on my 600/650 for a certain phone number to dial, like I would press and hold 5 to get my bank...That doesn't appear to be working anymore, although the 1 pressed will still dial the Voicemail option. Thoughts?

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    You'll have to give us more info on the first item but the second item you just enter in the letter "F" for your speed dial quick key. "F" and "5" are on the same key.
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    On problem 1- go to prefs, look at your default apps & tell me what it says for all 3. If you have Xiino & Uncache installed, your link problem lies there.
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    Anyone know how to get Web to re-appear as a possible Default web browser?

    Had uncache and Xiino, but removed both. Web does not come back though. It seems as if it was actually permanently removed.
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    Did you uninstall the second uncache file? Once that was done, web caqme back for me. The second file requires a warm recent to allow the deletion.
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    Yeah I got rid of the 2nd file.

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