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    I've just been given a 650 by my nephew. I'm 2 months into a 2 year T-Mobile contract and would like to program the Treo to work with T-Mobile. I've had people tell me it can and cannot be done. I thought someone here might have the definitive answer. I tried just inserting my T-Mobile SIM and got an "incompatible" message.

    If it's possible, can someone tell me how?

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    Your Cingular Treo is locked.
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    You need to either call cingular (now AT&T) and request an unlock code for the phone or use an unlocking service such as the ones available on ebay. After that the phone should work on any GSM carrier.
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    Agreed with what the other's. I use my Treo just fine with T-Mobile (it is unlocked)

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