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    Hey all, long time no post. I finally upgraded to a Sprint 755p in January 2008, and for the most part I've been very happy. But there is one little thing that drives me absolutely apesh!t bananas and I'd love to hear if anyone has found a fix.

    Whenever I end a call, or when someone hangs up a call on me, there is this little dialog that pops up: "Call Ended with: (whoever). Duration: (time). [OK]" and the little OK button is the only thing you can do. It's like Windows Vista + Clippy for the Treo: "It looks like you were trying to hang up the phone. And you talked to someone for a while. Just in case you're so mind-bogglingly stupid that you forgot who you were talking to DURING THE CALL, I'll remind you now. OK? OK? OK? OK? OK?"

    I admit it's irrational, but this annoys the HELL out of me. I know the call ended because I was the one who hung up the phone. I don't need Treo to tell me about it after the fact.

    I'm not talking about the "add new contact for ...(number)" dialog, that's just fine and I know how to disable that. Has anyone found a way to turn off ***** button that comes up after every single call?

    thanks for any help...
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    Search for 'overlays' or 'patches' I think. A few of Shadowmite's phone.prc overlays disables that dialogue box. Actually, read the thread "Call duration screen." A solution does exist. Good luck.
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    Just to add......

    The Shadowmite test7 overlay works real good on a Sprint 700p and Centro.

    The black Sprint splash screen on the Centro is now a yellow Sprint spash screen. The Shadowmite overlay also adds call duration to the default call log.

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    Ok, found the thread, downloaded the file, trying it now. Thanks for the pointers :-D

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