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    I have recently unlocked a new Treo 680 from the AT&T network however when I place my t-mobile SIM in the phone it says I cannot use this SIM. Is this a software issue? Please advise. Thanks.
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    I have the same question, except mine is a Treo 650 from Cingular.

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    haha your sure its unlocked?
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    Exactly what i was going to say. Are you sure it is unlocked?
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    It is unlocked. Did it myself via at&t and also got it verified by a phone "specialist". It says it's unlocked but I've been told that it's either the carrier software that's preventing me from using my t-mobile sim in it or to get a new sim from t-mobile. Either way it's been a complete pain the derriere. Why can't phone companies just be customer friendly instead of know-it-all geeks who enjoy p*ssing people off?
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    Try someone else's T-mobile card, or any other carriers card ad see if it is really unlocked.
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