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    I was given one of these from my new employer and well everything was running fine for months since I first got it. But now I get this ultra new awesome problem.

    When making/receiving calls I only get the hangup all option and hold. No speaker phone option. So what happens is I cant hear anything from them and they cant hear anything from me. No bluetooth has ever touched this phone and I've made NO software changes other than call logs and some google map usage.

    Pulled the battery multiple times. It wouldnt be annoying if it was random.. but its more random than usual now.

    its on the original pre-update firmware released by Palm.. No way in hell am i applying the update patch.

    Hard reset and problem still persists.

    Fixed. had to pop in the headphones into the jack once to fix the headphone bug glitch.
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    Greatest Treo Call Bug EVER!
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    you have the audio jack problem.. plug your head phones back in really quick and take them out. If you do a search for audio jack problem or headphone jack you will find more info on it.
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    From what I understand that has been an issue with the 755 Treo. In fact, one of my physicians had to have the phone replaced because of this particular issue. They could not get it fixed.

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