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    I've done some searching on this site and found some different answers and called PALM and even got more conflicting answers about how large of a SD card I can use. When calling PALM, they said that the 680 will only recognize a 2 gb card (hard to believe) but looking on this site I see some of you using a 8 gb card.

    Can anyone honestly tell me what is the largest card you are using successfully. I want to start using my 680 as my MP3 player and want to get the largest card possible.

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    I am using a 16GB SDHC card with my Treo 680. It works great with Ptunes. My 680 has a hacked ROM to support the updated FAT file. Search the site if you need more info.
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    I'm using 8GB SDHC card with official 2.12 update from Plam's site.
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    I've been using 8gb for 6 months now with latest updates (and even before). Palm officially supported up to 2GB until last update but now officially supports 4GB. the problem with cards bigger than 4 is that the 680 only reports space available in 4GB increments. it can utilize all the space but only reports up to 4GB.
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    Using an 8GB card here. Same issues as the rest, it doesn't report size correctly on the Treo, otherwise works great.
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    I am using a 4gb cards and can't believe I got 15 full length movies on it. I am consering getting another 4gb card. I use a 2gb card for my MP3's I would like to use an 8gb card but I don't want to have change anything on my treo.
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    I use a 700P Verizon...using 2 GB card now. I did NOT update the I limited to 2 GB....or can it handle larger?

    Have seen several threads & never quite found a definitive answer.

    I think the key is whether one updated or not. My treo has been really I didn't want the challenges of the upgrade.

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    16GB works fine for me. I tend to load stuff onto it via the cardreader on my pc, and it does take a minute or so for Ptunes to "search for music" each time I remount it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TNTreoUser View Post
    Have seen several threads & never quite found a definitive answer.
    This is sort of my problem right now as well. There's lots of information on what hacks to do, etc. but how large of a card can be used without any modifications, and what specs should I be looking for while shopping.

    I'm currently using a 2GB RiData card in my 680 just for Mp3's.
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    My Treo's 2GB SD card is slow so I would recommend either a 1GB SD card or jumping up to at least a 4GB SDHC card. eCost has them a lot for under $10. I keep stopping myself from buying it though... saving for a car
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    I have used a 8GB since they came out, then when the 16GB came out a few months ago, I upgraded and now use the 16GB. I gave my 8GB to my wifes Treo. I use the space for Ptunes, and for MOVIES with TCPMP!! Love it!
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    I just got the 8GB SDHC transcend card from newegg, the one that came with the USB SDHC card reader. When I first hooked it up everything worked fine, but then I started getting I/O errors. I swapped the 8GB card into my palm and just used palm export to transfer stuff which worked fine. I tried using several other regular SD cards in the reader and none of them will work either... not even the few minutes it originally gave me. Has anyone else had a problem with this reader?
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    I'm using an 8GB SDHC without any hacking on the Treo that is running with the latest official Palm update. As everyone else, I have some minor issues:

    1) The Plam only reports 4 gigs, but, Docs to go, pTunes, and other apps can read and write to the 8 gigs memory.
    2) I'm using "Cardreader" + "SyncTunes" to upload music to the card and after uploading new music or podcasts to the card, pTunes takes some time to read the information on the card, and then it works fine. I guess it is reorganizing the new information.

    I'm really happy. With 8 Gigs I don't need to carry the Treo and my iPod nano 3G (8 Gigs). Everything is now been transfered to my Treo

    I would only like pTunes to handle music and podcasts like iPods. It helps a lot having them in separate places like iPod does.
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    Ditto Vlad. My 8gb Class 6 has worked perfectly for almost a year now.
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    I am using an 8 gb card for data only without any problems.
    Reports in this forum scared me about faulty headphone jacks suggesting to avoid using headphones alltogether.
    Anybody experienced the problem????????
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    My headphone jack has finally started to short as others report. One problem is Palm's lame brain decision to stick with the 2.5mm jack. This requires audiophiles to purchase an adapter to use 99% of the decent earbuds out there.

    The solid converter (small w/o wire) put too much stress on my cheesy Treo jack and has caused it to fail. Get the converter that has the little 2" wire. This one seems to put less stress on the jack when bumping into things while in the holster. I listen to mp3s and internet radio mostly while doing physical work so I often hit the device with earbuds in.

    Palm! Wake up and realize the Treo now has BT and most people no longer use the archaic wired headsets. Give us a 3.5mm jack like the rest of planet earth and throw in a $0.18 converter to help newbies have a wired headset. Geesh, this is crazy!
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    My previous two palms (zire 71 and zire 72) both had the 3.5mm jacks, and both of them ended up not working at all, so the problem isn't with the 2.5mm jacks, but with all of the ones they use.
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    I have a ATT treo 680 with the transcend class 6 8gb sdhc card that i got in yesterday from newegg . i bought the bundle that comes with the S5 reader.

    The treo under card info reads just under 4GB capacity however i put the card into the reader popped it into my Fedora 8 box copied 7.2GB worth of tunes to it and Pocket tunes seems to see all the tracks. however card info shows correct amount of free space but still only the 3.9 or so capacity.

    there have been no mods to the treo just my 2 cents worth if it helps anyone
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    Update on my non-working transcend SDHC card reader. Just built our new computer running ubuntu, and the reader works perfectly on it.
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    I'm currently using the new Class 6 32gb great.
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