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    Quote Originally Posted by peterlemonjello View Post
    Got to account setup.

    I use 3 minute intervals without a problem with


    I've been wanting to try the 3min ping time...are IMs coming in slow at all?
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    Nope, as far as i can tell everything works the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peterlemonjello View Post
    Nope, as far as i can tell everything works the same.

    Well, I did some trials, and it appears 3min has no affect on IM handling...foxybanan's server does IDLING really well.

    This improves ALOT on battery life.

    One thing however, is when you get off a phone call, it takes 3min to ping the foxybana server (from voice back to data)

    This sometimes lags and loses IMs coming in.

    30 second ping was the best, but I think I will stick with 1 min pings..
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    What if you're on a phone call >3m, does it stay connected?

    I never found Chatopus would stay online all day. Sometime or another it'd fall off the server and that was the end of it until you launched it again.
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    After long phone calls and when I loose my data connection mine will disconnect but it'll always alerts me it was disconnected from the server. At least this way I know to manually reconnect. I've never had it disconnect using without it alerting me.
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    One thing I love about Mundu is being able to open a conference. Does anybody know how to do this with Chatopus?
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    nope- you cannot, As far as I know, Mundu is the only provider that enables conference mode
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    NEW version of Mundu is out 11346 I belive, it works GREAT!

    (well just installed it, so far so good)

    --it seems to keep the sound preference (did not keep it last ver)
    -also seems to be much snappier in browsing my 200+ contacts
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    hows the new mundu working? does it always disconnect like it did before (on the centro)
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    Mundu is working fine -much better than previous ver, I am using Mundu as my primary chat client now..

    Verichat is still king though
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    I wish verichat was still around
    does the "haxed version* still work??

    I tried Mundu, and proxy sorta works. It lets me into the application but when i try and log onto a service it says its connecting and then pops up with a notice saying I was disconnected. anyone have a solution? thanks!
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