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    Has anyone tried one of these with a centro?

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    Try using a descriptive title, instead of having us follow two seperate links just to see what you're talking about.

    Of course, once I got there, I saw why you wanted folks to not know in advance...
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    Quote Originally Posted by colonel k View Post
    Has anyone tried one of these with a centro?

    And to help prevent folks from having to do the link chase boogie;

    This is for a car music streaming / speaker phone device called the Venturi Mini.

    Its the car audio system upgrade you’ve been waiting for. The Venturi Mini easily connects your mobile phone and MP3 players to your car audio system. Streaming your mobile music to the car speakers, the Venturi Mini also takes and makes calls in amazing quality and even charges your devices on the move. "

    Oddly enough, I already do this with my Centro and a casette adapter with PTunes and a USB-lighter adapter.
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