GoTreo has just launched a new service offering to address the frustration Palm users are facing when they try to get help for software stability issues on their devices!

The goal is to provide live 1 on 1 support for software stability problems you may face on your Centro or Treo devices. There are far too many people spending hours upon hours talking to help desks where the staff hardly knows how to spell Palm. The typical answer when talking to these help desks is: "Do a hard reset and see if the problem disappears!" Then after you have lost your data, you are sent to the phone store to get a replacement device that is typically refurbished. Then you go home and spend hours more putting your data back on your device and often times the problem returns! At the end of the day, the vast majority of these replacements are not needed because the problems are generally software related! SafeGuard LIVE! hopes to stop the insanity!

SafeGuard LIVE! is a new help desk where you have direct access to the expert staff at GoTreo to help you through your software problems. This access is either live phone calls, IM sessions and/or email access. What ever it takes to solve your device stability issues.

You never know when you are going to run into problems, but with SafeGuard LIVE! you have the staff at GoTreo ready and waiting to help!

SafeGuard LIVE! Website