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    When I first got my Centro it synched beautifully. Now, it no longer syncs contacts, memo, calendar, tasks. I even tried synching to Palm Desktop just to get my contacts on my PC by any means (all were lost from outlook by the infamous detect and repair). It just stays on synching contacts, I tried up to 3 hours, and it never stopped synching. I only have 815 contacts, so I know it shouldn't take 3 hours even though I never used Palm desktop before!

    Anyway, I have tried all the fixes I have found on this forum, including db repair. Nothing works. I really believe that my contacts are corrupted on my centro, because when I backed up my contacts on sd card, typed a few contacts into Outlook, and chose "desktop overrides handheld", it syncs that one contact from Outlook perfectly. Then, when I restored the contacts, they still don't synch to outlook.

    So, does anyone know (1) another synch software I could use or (2) a way to get my contacts and calendar back on my pc from the handheld without synching? I thought one time on the 650 I mistakenly emailed my whole contacts list from my phone, but I can't figure out how to do that now or even know if it can be done.

    I'm so afraid I will lose my centro and thus lose all my contact and more importantly, some key dates on my calendar.
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    yea goto contacts and use the pull down menu and select send category-
    U can email if you a email set up.
    u can even bluetooth it if you have bluetooth on ur phone
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    I just went through something similar and after hours with palm support they were convinced I had a corrupted desktop software which required a uninstall and reinstall (multiple times). I've never gotten the new access desktop to work though and am using the newly installed 4.14e desktop from my 680 which is perfectly fine.
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    Does the hotsync ID of your Centro and the desktop hotsync ID match?
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    Thanks Carbone. I tried that bt only the first contact under each category shows up in Outlook. I'm clicking and dragging the icon for the attachment cuz I can't double clickit and open like I usually can when I email a contact.

    re corrupted desktop - I have installed and uninstalled so many times I can't count!

    re matching names - yes the names match on handheld and desktop.
    re bluetooth - I need to have a blue tooth on my pc too, right?
    I wonder if it would help if I start all over and use my laptop instead of desktop?
    so I guess there is no other synching software?
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    any fixes for the centro palm? I keep getting an internal error 2908 when I try and load my software..a tech at palm referred me to this forum for a possible fix...anyone?
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    I'm wondering if this might have something to do with - when I check the conduits on the centro there are 2 items called "contacts". would someone mind checking your conduits under the hot sync app on the centro to see if you have two items that read only "contacts"? thanks much.
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    Problem solved! I was not completely following the dbscan instructions. Me and my centro are back in love again!
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    I saw this forum and the thread and thought maybe it might help address an issue I'm having. Before the end of the year, I bought a Centro and had no problems with it for months and then one day out of the blue, it stopped syncing with my Outlook. I took it into the Sprint store and they gave me a new device which upon the initial sync, everything was perfect. Then with subsequent syncs, the Centro wasnt syncing with my Outlook calendar but every other portion of the sync was fine.

    Any thoughts or ideas as to why this may be happening?
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    that sounds like a bad database. Try running dbscan or tealscan.
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    Had a similar problem. My centro quit syncing contacts. Using palm desktop. Did a select all and saved (exported) the contact list from the desktop as a cvs file. Cleaned it up in excel. Deleted all contacts in desktop. synced phone to empty desktop... which deleted all contacts in phone. imported clean cvs file into palm desktop, resynced... all is well!

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