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    I've got Opera Mini 3 installed on my Treo 700p and wanted to try out Opera Mini 4. Is there a way to have both versions installed at the same time? I like version 3 and 4 looks a little different, so I want to be able to try it out first w/o getting rid of 3. Is this possible? Thanks!
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    Yes you can run both but you may need to uninstall your Opera Mini 3 and download the latest Opera Mini 3. The latest version of Opera Mini 3 renamed the .prc so it doesn't conflict with the official Mini 4 .prc
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    Thanks for the quick reply! Do you know where I can download the latest version of Opera Mini 3? I went to their website and put in my specs and it gave me a link to Opera Mini 4... so I put in that I had a Treo 600 and it gave me a link for Opera Mini 3 Advanced -

    Is this the version that I am looking for?
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    I just go to on my treo and it has a link to download version 4 and a link to try the old Opera Mini 3. The link it sends me to when I click try Mini 3 is

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