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    Works great on T-Mobile.

    I've had a Palm, Palm III, Palm V, Palm TX, 600, 650, and 680.

    This device blows them all away.

    Fast, Stable, BT that works,,,, kind of like the stability of a 650, memory and screen from a 680 in a smaller and better form factor.

    I was looking to switch from my clunky, slow and buggy 680... even got a WM6 device and hated it.

    This is the first winner in years from Palm!
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    wow, cool! Yes, it is the best from Palm in a long time! How much did you pay for the unlocked Centro? Did you buy it on ebay? just curious. You do not have to answer if you do not want to.
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    Ebay - Expansys $319

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