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    If you're syncing with Missing Sync and Office 04 and Entourage think twice before you upgrade to Office 08/Entourage 08.

    I upgraded to office 08 over the weekend. Entourage has some great improvements but there's a huge downside. Missing Sync can't communicate with it via a plugin. You're force to use Entourage's sync to iCal and Address Book and then sync your WM device with iCal & Address book.

    There are several huge problems.
    First, many users are reporting that when iCal and Address book sync with Entourage 08 they end up with hundreds of duplicate entries.

    Second, and I think this is a major problem. You lose all your catergories when Entourage syncs with iCal & Address Book. It changes all the categories to "Entrourage." When your WM device syncs, all your categories get changed to Entourage, too. This is a major bummer. Apparently iPhone and Blackberry have this problem, too.

    Has anyone had success with any other sync products that use a plugin to sync directly with Entourage?

    Unfortunately because I didn't backup my databases, I can't go backwards and reinstall Office 04. So now I have to either give up on categories or not sync to my home computer/mac.
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    I installed Office 08 beside 04, so I could test it first. It worked for the first sync, then synced at random, sometimes not at all. Now it does not sync at all with 08. I launched 04 and synced just fine. Not sure where the bug is, but 04 works fine for me. There are only a few things I really like about 08, so I will wait for a few updates to come through first before jumping on it again.
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