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    I'm trying to help a friend decide whether to install the 2.11 AT&T update for her 680. The decision depends on the Exchange Active Sync component of the update. I helped her set Versamail to connect to our corporate Exchange server, but my Centro (Sprint) has an option for "as items arrive" in Versamail while her 680 (AT&T) does not. In what way does the 2.11 update improve EAS push support? Can someone confirm that the update does or does not allow for delivery "as items arrive"?
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    I have the 2.11 on my 680, along with 3-4 other people at work, it works great, we all run with "as items arrive" or "push" activated. No problems at all.
    Works great!
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    We have two Treo 680s and a Palm Centro connected to Exchange. The two Treos perform better, since the update, than they ever have. The Centro seems to perform even slightly better. Perhaps it's because the Centro is newer and has an updated VersaMail, or perhaps because that user is just beginning to use the full potential of being in constant sync with exchange. Either way, I believe that you'll find that the Treo will perform as you expect.

    BTW, here's a tip. Press your Sync button and delete your Exchange account in VersaMail every 30 to 60 days or so, then re-create it. You'll notice a considerable increase in performance and experience fewer need to tap the Sync button from loss of signal. I'm a power user and it has helped dramatically. I have not experienced any information loss in the process, since the latest info was Sync'd before I deleted the account.

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