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    My 700p's speaker died so I switched to the 755p. I wanted to start with a clean install, so in Palm Desktop (on Mac OS X) I exported my Date Book, Memos, Tasks and Address Book under my old 700p username, then re-imported to my 755p username.

    This is what I did when I switched from the 650 to the 700p, and I had the same problem: I lost all my notes attached to my contacts. Apparently all your contact notes got imported as memos. Also, Date Book loses information like alarm and repeat settings.

    This is silly. I exported using "Palm Desktop" format, you would think Palm Desktop would know how to properly export/import its own data but apparently this is not entirely the case. I remember when I switched from the 650 to the 700p I lost all my contact pictures in a similar way, and thus didn't bother to assign any pictures to my contacts on the 700p.

    What have other people done? I only want to re-import my contacts, memos and calendar from my 700p.
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    It worked for me on a PC.

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    I tried using Palm Desktop on Windows XP, and it worked. I guess it's an issue with the Palm Desktop on Mac OS X.
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    Score two for that geekie PC guy; damn that Mac guy!

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    At this point . . . . if you are not too far along:

    I would hard reset the 755p
    Beam your PIM data over from the 700p
    (You can do this in mass for each PIM by selecting "by catagory" then all.)
    (PIM = Contacts, Tasks, Memos, Date Book)

    Hot sync the 755p to your PC with a new userid.

    Install your 3rd party apps fresh onto the 755p.

    (Both devices will still be able to sync to your PC under their respective userid's.)

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