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    this is a dumb geeky question, but now I'm on a quest.

    I had an alert sound called sci-fi that sounded like the chirp doorbell on star trek (TNG) when someone requested to enter a living quarter.

    today I had to do a hard reset of my 700p and after I hotsynced, it wasn't on the drop down list of tones to choose from. I have no idea where I got it, as I think it was always there.
    (note: my hotsyncing wasn't backing up everything, so I lost other things in addition to this alert sound)

    Can someone help?


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    Check your backup folder for files with names that begin with "Ton-xxx", with the xxx being the name of the tone. The "Ton" prefix identifies all the non-default sound files you have added to your Treo/Centro.
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    Google "star trek wavs" and then convert your desired file, if necessary. Believe me...they're out there.

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    sci-fi alert is only available for the native email app AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK. $I$ $have$ $mine$ $set$ $to$ $that$.
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    If you do get an MP3 or WAV version of the sound, you can use MiniTones or MusicTones to convert it to a "TON-xxx" file. I have had great success with MiniTones.

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