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    I've been using my 755p to make audio recordings and they're now taking up a fair amount of room on the device. I've searched the forums and at least as of a few months ago there did not seem to be any options for converting the VPAD files into a more usable audio format. Is that still the case? It seems hard to imagine that there would not be a means of changing it to a WAV or MP3 file. If that's the case it certainly means the device is a lousy way to record anything other than a brief note that you don't want to save.

    Any successes out there?

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    The news is not great but not hopeless.

    First you have to get the file off your device. From within Voice Memo you can send a recording via Bluetooth or Email. I can't get it to work with my Bluetooth software, but I can get it to work via email. (If you send it via Versamail, insert some text in the body of the email message, otherwise Versamail won't send it. With some text in the body, it will leave it in the Draft folder, but it will send it). So you can just email the file to your desktop.

    On edit: I found this page that tells you how to do it without actually sending the email. Adapting from that page:

    1. Attach the voice memo file to e-mail (or in VoiceMemo, choose Send via Email)
    2. Save the e-mail as "draft" and close it (don't send it) (just type something in the title and click on "Drafts")
    3. Open again the mail msg (the one you just closed, by selecting the "Drafts" folder and clicking on the message)
    4. Tap on the yellow paper icon and choose save to card (important that you tap on the icon)
    5. You will get a confirmation box saying that the file was saved (or you can save it to any directory on the card that you want)
    5a. (Then you might as well delete the message at this point so it doesn't take up space)
    6. Go to [SD card]Palm\Programs folder (or wherever you saved it) and you will find the file. (On the 755p it has a .QCP extension).

    Then you get the file from your SD card to the desktop (hardware card reader, software card reader program)

    That gets you a .QCP file. Qualcomm has a free utility that will convert QCP <-> WAV format. However, if you go to the link for it, you get :

    Out of an abundance of caution, due to the December 31st, 2007 injunction ordered against certain Qualcomm products, Qualcomm has temporarily removed certain web content until it can be reviewed and modified if necessary to ensure compliance with the injunction. It may be several more days or weeks before these pages are accessible again. Thank you for your patience.

    However, if you go to this discussion at SprintUsers, you can find this link, where you can download the Qualcomm utility.

    It's a command line utility, so you have to deal with that.

    As far as converting the Vpad files, who knows. I found some source code for a linux utility from the Palm Pilot days, that's about it. It's probably just a matter of stripping off a header or something.

    I'm glad I found that deal that had CallRec for free a while ago so I just have to deal with WAV files on the SD card.
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    David, or others, any update on this? I really need to convert this Voice Memo file... I downloaded that software - it doesnt seem to run at all - any other advice?
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    ok, i solved my problem and thought i'd share with the masses. i emailed the voicememo to myself and saved it to my desktop - it was a qcp file. google helped me find a lot of apps that didnt work - and one online that i didnt even have to download that did work like a charm - - check it out - i converted my qcp file into a wav and a wmv file with no problems at all....

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