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    that my first 755 freezing on the Access screen was caused by hotsyncing my old 650 profile and apps w. the new 755. Verizon replaced the 755 with a new one for free and I created a new profile....hotsynced only Outlook data then checked if my prior apps were compatible w/ 755 and several were not. Installed only the apps that were known 755 compatible, bought a few new ones and have had zero issues with this phone.
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    I had started to like this (my 2nd) 755p. It didn't have the headset jack problem at least.

    This evening as I was leaving the office it spontaneously reset, and hung on the Access screen. It would still be on the Access screen if I hadn't pulled the battery.

    What's wrong with these bozos that they can't make a decent unit?

    There was a class action suit over the headset jacks and other problems with the earlier Treo's. Is it time for a new one?

    Oh, BTW, yeah, I have Safeguard, not even that can save you from a hosed unit.

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    I just got a new phone on Wednesday because of the "APSOD". Fortunately I didn't have to wait, unfortunately I hadn't backed up, yet (had only had the phone a few days...

    Now I have a mini-sd for my new one, so I'll get backupbuddy/vfs installed and start backing up to my card as well as the computer.

    Not much help on the cause. I did have two BT headsets installed (one at the office, one for the car). I'm not really sure when it happened, I just found it that way after walking away.

    Hope it isn't too frequent of a problem.
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