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    Although I like your call, the only feature I use is the make appointment feature. It seems your call puts all the info into the meeting note but puts nothing in the subject line. I would at least like the name and phone number put in the subject of the meeting.


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    Try CallerInfo.
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    Hi mpovolo,
    What version of YourCall do you have? In version 2, you have two options for meetings. First there is 'Create a new meeting', which logs the call details in the notes and let you put the subject in, but it should also enter the contact information (in brackets if you don't have Agendus, but if you have Agendus, it adds a primary contact).

    Secondly there is 'Log As Meeting'. This one creates a new meeting in the background, without any further dialog from you. In your calendar, there will be a meeting entry for the call entered at the Call start time.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask here, or what might be of more help is to ask on our forum.

    iambic, Inc.
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    I tried the latest download of YourCall and found that when you have Agendus installed, the log to meeting does put the name in brackets for the subject line. Without Agendus installed though, it leaves the subject line blank. I am running on a treo 680.

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