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    I thought I posted this question a long time ago, but now I can't find it. I believe I had some folks tell me they had a similar problem.

    My 700p will sometimes, when I dial a number, just sit there with call time ticking away, but there will be no sound at all from the phone. No ringing, etc. The calls are going through - the phone on the other end rings - but there's nothing on my end. Sometimes it takes a phone reset to get sound back, but other times an incoming call fixes it.

    Anyone else know of this and/or have a fix?
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    if you plug a headset into the jack, can you hear and talk fine? It sounds like you might have developed a flakey headphone jack.
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    I actually don't own one, but that's a good question. Anyone else having this problem?

    If it was flaky, is it pretty easy to replace? I've replaced the screen, so I don't assume replacing the headphone jack could be TOO bad, unless it needs to be soldered.

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