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    Dear All,

    May I ask for some help please?
    I have never sync with Outlook 2003 before, but find now that I need to sync my calender appointents at work.
    I currently sync with my palm desktop on my laptop/home computer - calender etc.

    I would like to sync my outlook calender appointments only, onto my treo, but I don't want it to update/sync the other way around. Essentially I dont want my appointments on the treo/home computer being sync onto the work computer with outlook. Nor do I want the contacts from outlook to be sync.

    Do you have any advice on a sync solution - and can I do this with the Palm Outlook conduit software.

    I am most grateful.

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    I think you can do this with the software. But just a little tricky in setup. Usually the palm software gives you an option to change your conduit settings to outlook sync or palm. If not reinstalling this will do that.

    A quick and easy way is a program called KeyDates. It allows you to choose what folder you want to sync to your palm. I have three calendars I sync for other things and I sync those only to my palm via outlook. You can change how it syncs in the Hotsync, Custom section.

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