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    Hello all,

    My centro is paired with a garmin C550 GPS. Sometimes the Centro will just freeze up when unpairing or pairing. I have to pull the battery to reset.

    So far I think the problem is when the Centro loses contact with the GPS while it is pulling the addressbook off the centro. I'm not positive of this.

    I read on some other forums of people having similar problems with the centro and other bluetooth speakerphone systems, but no resolutions.

    Any recommendations how I can fix this?
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    Try updating the C550 to the newest sw version 6.10. They made changes to the bluetooth and have supposedly better phonebook downloads etc.
    I am using a converted 700P (converted to 755P) with a C550 and SW V6.1 and have no problems except the first call does not use the Bluetooth.
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    Actually, that is when my problems started. I believe this new firmware is the issue. I was using it for a few months perfectly, then updated the firmware and now this.

    I'm talking to Garmin, but I don't think I'm going to get anywhere with them. I'm posting here because the folks in this forum usually have some good tricks.
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    I just checked the website - they have another update for the C550 - now it is V6.2. Maybe that will help? I will install it tomorrow as I am at the moment with my other car on the road ...

    Edit: Hmm, If I click on the link it brings me to the website and offers to download the V6.1 only ... I have to see if I can get it from somewhere ...
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    I just found this older posting and it sounds familiar!
    I just bought Garmin C580 streetpilot and tried to pair it with my centro. First thing I did was update firmware and maps on the C580. It paired just fine and I was able to make a call or two. Then it all went to xoxo in a handbasket, if you know what I mean. The centro froze up solid. I pulled the battery and tried again. Now whenever I even connect the two together they pair and the Centro freezes again, even before I can make a call.
    Now bear in mind that the C580 pairs beautifully with my older motorola v330, even the address book downloads. Works beautifully. But I really want to use the Centro
    Does anybody who has had this problem have a working solution?
    Oh, I should mention that my Centro is gsm unlocked version that I bought from palm online less than a year ago.
    I use it with Tmobile.
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    anyone try v 6.6? it is on Garmin's webiste
    Visor -> Treo 650 Cingular UNLocked (Cing. Blue Phone on Orange Network) -> vzw 700p -> VZW Centro (much better)
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    Thanks for that thought. I thought my firmware was up to parr, but checked and there was an update for the bluetooth. So I downloaded it. Now my Centro is hooking up with the C580 and not freezing up. Its pretty neat to have a hands free phone while driving listening to my mp3s play and following an australian navigator named Lee .

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