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    Is it me, or is this button virtually worthless? Does anyone have any useful tips on how to maximize this button? Thanks!
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    Which button is this?
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    The green one...opposite the power button.
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    It is very close to useless, But Butler lets you define uses for it for both a regular push and option+ push.

    Too bad it still won't turn on the Treo/Centro though. It already needs to be on for the Butler definitions to work.
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    Try LudusP.
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    I guess the 'Send' button could be considered worthless by some.

    I don't use the Send button since I use TakePhone. But some apps will let you map the send button. For example, LudusP 1.9 let's you map the Send button to any app. I have it mapped to Mundu IM.

    Also, when I was trialing SubLauncher, the SubLauncher app let me map the Send button to it.

    You just need to get creative...

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    Well, it still does work as a Send button for the times that you dial a phone number using the keyboard
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    I have Butler configured to allow Takephone to be launched from the Green send button and I had Switch5 mapped to my "phone" hard button as a back button. Now I using my volume keys as back buttons (forward and backwards) using Butler and am trying to decide what to do with my phone hard button again. I might map one of my weblinks created with Sharklink to that button now. Either way, I'm happy!
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    I have Butler set to have the green button launch my IM client, so I can open it without having to return to the home screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dollface View Post
    Well, it still does work as a Send button for the times that you dial a phone number using the keyboard
    You can type actually type number with the keyboard?!?

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    ^ Yup, It's a little known secret. Don't tell anyone..

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    If you have the screen locked on incoming calls (so as not to hit it while taking out of a case, etc.), then the green button is useful to answer the call. Call it a receive button.

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    When you push the green "Send" button when you are in the phone application it accesses your most recently dialed calls.
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    I don't know about everyone else, but me, coming from a Treo 650, I was used to having the menu button where it is on the 650 (upper-right hard button). So I found extremely unconfortable and difficult (my thumb even hurt sometimes because I use the menu button a lot) to have the menu button down there (bottom-right in keyboard).

    So I installed LudusP and selected the blue-phone-button to have all the phone-button "powers" (all "phone" and "send" button functions in one buttom, as in Treo 650), and remapped the green-phone-button (send button) to do exclusively the menu (to pull-down menus in apps and launcher) function. Perfectly confortable location, similar to 650.

    As weird as it sounds, I was about to return my new 755 and go back to the 650 just because of the new location of the menu button. Thank God (exaggerating) there are apps like LudusP and such.
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    In addition to showing the recently called numbers, the send button can also redial the last number called in the phone application.
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    When in the SMS app, you can dial the selected message's phone number by pressing the send button.
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    i find the Treo Send button very useful, both by its default use, and for the times where i have it remapped to do something else

    KeyQuick let me map any button to do what ever i want it to do, in any program.

    so, i use the send button to do its default function where applicable, mostly the examples listed above, such as dialing the number of the person i'm chatting with in sms (messaging), or popping up my redial list in the Phone App.

    i mostly have it remapped to do one of 2 things, depending on the app i'm in.

    1 is my remap default, which applies to all apps unless otherwise defined in KeyQuick. on this setting i have it to go to Teal OS.

    2. for certain applications i have remapped the send button to show the KeyQuick popup launcher, which i find works nice when i'm in my car and my treo is in its holder... one push = show my 'car mode' applications laucher, which consist of:
    - MyLocation. where am i?
    - KwikMaps. where is someone else?
    - GoogleMaps, whats around?
    - PocketTunes, play me something
    - PalmaryClock, what time is it?
    - TealOS.

    and each of these applications have the Send button remapped to show the KeyQuick launcher aswell.

    so I guess my point is... my treo Send button is one of the most used buttons! in fact it makes me think i could ALMOST get away with the one-button Pre... except there's not beating having dedicated Phone, Calendar, Messaging hard buttons.
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    How are you able to use MyLocation on a 755p? The developer's web site says it is for GSM phones only and that it will not work on 755p.
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    Yup, I'd like to know also - Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by krazman View Post
    How are you able to use MyLocation on a 755p? The developer's web site says it is for GSM phones only and that it will not work on 755p.
    Quote Originally Posted by chacalau View Post
    MyLocation. where am i?

    I assume he means the app Where Am I?, which integrates a GPS receiver with Google Maps.
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