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    Wasnt exactly sure where to post this so I chose here.

    My problem, I dumped ZLauncer and every program I moved to the SD card using Zlauncer is giving me a problem. When I tap them i get this "Can not fund Zlauncer" . I noticed that all .prc files are in Palm-Programs-Zlauncher-Apps-Program File For example Chess Genius .PRC is located in Palm-Programs-Zlauncher-Apps-ChessGenius. I have a feeling that Zlauncer made its onw file folder. I tried moving the individual .PRC files to Palm-Programs and Palm-Launcher and no luck. AM i moving the files to the wrong folder , any other idea?
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    Did you undo the shortcuts and properly uninstall ZLauncher? Ben
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    Oh no. LOL.

    WHat is the correct way to delete Zlauncher.

    I apprecaute the reply Ben. Thank you.
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    I thought so. Now that you have deleted ZLauncher, the application that you should have started with is "ZLManager."

    You probably should reinstall and then use ZLManager to uninstall the application. Anyway, I have never uninstalled ZLauncher. What you need to do though is to move the applications outta the various ZLauncher launch folders to their appropriate destinations, either the device or the /Palm/Launcher folder.

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    I will do that, Much appreciated ben.
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    Before I ever do any changes, whether I am installing or uninstalling, I ALWAYS do a backup! That way, if for some reason I accidently did something, I can always fall back on my backup.

    Also, any programs that I move to my card, I always use PALM/Launcher.

    I would do what bclinger said, and re-install ZLauncher and see how that goes. If all else fails.......... there's always the "Hard reset" option.
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    Thanks Delpita. I did do the backup and re-installed Zlauncher . Its not my choice to move the files to Palm/Launcher. Zlauncher automatically moves files to its own folder Zlauncher/Apps when you move programs to tghe SD card. Now the built in app launcer cant find them and I am using a mix of Initiate (Awsome) and TreoLauncher (Simple but incredible) and neither looks in the Zlauncher file for programs on card.. Working on removing zlauncher correctly now.
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    Actually, (using Zlauncher) when moving your programs to your card, you are given a choice for path:

    However, since you are uninstalling ZL, I suppose that info isn't useful for you now. Just curious---> Can I ask why you've decided to uninstall ZL? Have you decided to go with another launcher?
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    I used to use Silver Screen back in the day. Went to Zlauncher a few years ago but it always seems huge and slow. Since I got my Centro I have been having resets alot . I installed SafeGaurd last week and it told me that it was Zlauncher so I removed Zlauncer and I havet had a reset yet. I love Treo launcher and its a simple launcher but I also found Initiate and fell in love with that one . The ability to launch music files, text messages and phone calls from the launcher was pretty cool and its a smaller program. ZLauncher was HUGE. the program alone was huge and the DB was twice the size of the program. Not saying I will not end up back with Zlauncher but going to give Initiate a week or 2 to see how cool it is. I still own ZLaucnher so not a issue if I decide to go back.
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    I'm only a 'recent' user of ZL, and am loving it. But the only re-set problems that I seemed to have had was due to being too eager and wanting all these cool programs all at once. I did a "Hard reset" about 2 weeks ago, and since then, I haven't had any re-set problems.

    I agree, ZL is pretty huge, however, I've only had my Treo 755p for a month now, and am at 51% free space. I suppose if/when I get lower on my free space, I'll re-think about using ZL, and maybe switch launchers.
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    Dont get me wrong Zlauncher is great , but it is complicated, huge and its just does a little too much. It is the most powerfull launcher out there but sometimes too much is overkill, Initiate is smaller does all the important things, has its own music player, voice control etc , some cool things to play with. Again I will try it out and see. Also Treo laucher is cool the only thing that bothers me was that to move, delete files, change catagories etc you needed to leave the laucncher and go to the built in one. But I love it and if they added that I would use that exculsivly. Its a good one. I did try Facer, Laucher X etc and those were not as good as Zlaunch , Iniaitate and TreeoLauncher (For my personal preferences) every launcher has its pluses and minuses and what is a good fit for me might not be a good fit for you. Its all about personal preferences.
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    Yep, I totally agree that ZLauncher can be complicated. I tried it for the first time about 1-1/2 years ago (on my Zire 72), but felt is was just too much for me, and I didn't really need it, so I uninstalled it. However, when I first got my Treo 755p about a month ago, I was disappointed about not having a wallpaper. (Yes, I'm all about the "eye candy", LOL!). I hadn't researched enough, and therefore didn't know that TreoLauncher existed. So, I re-tried ZL, and have messed around with it, and got the settings to my liking, and really enjoy it. (I've got several Profiles set up, so if I feel like I want a quick change of 'scenery', then I can easily do that with ZL.) I recently tried TreoLauncher, and I do like that one, and if/when I decide to get rid of ZL, I will probably go with TreoLauncher. Plus, since I just purchased ZL about a month ago, I can't see dumping it already and losing the $20-ish that I spent for it, ya know? I plan on continuing to use ZL until it's time to move on to something else maybe in a few months........then again, maybe never, who knows?
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    If you use Treo Launcher long enough you realize how great it is. The simplisity of it compared to Zlauncher . I am going back and forth now. WHen I am working and use the phone alot I use Initiate and when I am home or just enjoying the day I use TreoLauncher.
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    Unfortunately, as is the case with many mega-apps (Agendus comes to mind), stability is often sacrificed in the name of increased funtionality. Consequently, ZLauncher has gained a reputation for being unstable. They also do not lock portions of the app like they should.
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    Ive had issues with Zlauncher and of course the big one was it reset (According to SafeCrash) my Centro every day atleast once ( Did not do that on my 700P) but it was for the most part stable on my 700P. The creator of I8 (Initiates anagram) updates Initiate constantly to cover any bugs.
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    Yes, Rob is great!
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    Hmmmm, so far, I haven't really had any issues using ZL. And I agree, Treo Launcher is a wonderful Launcher. If/When it comes to the point where I decide to switch launchers, I'll probably do a Hard re-set, start from scratch, and re-load all my apps except ZL, and probably go with Treo Launcher. Hopefully I won't need to do that for quite a while, since I've recently spent $20-ish on ZL.
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    Just thought I would add after a week of usage I see I8 is totally different from ZL. I8 is for the power user. full contact list , powerfull. you never have to leave it . launch music , movie , text and phone calls straight ffom the launcher. ZL is for those that want a custome look . but I pretty much use Treo Launcher exlucivley now. Its simplicity is great. small file. never resets my phone. (both I8 and ZL did ) and the wallpapers that you can use or the great one by NachoB are incedible. I keep I8 on my phone still for some purposes but I use TreoLaunch 90 percent of the time now.

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