Ok, granted we're not talking cable modem speed but here's the situation...

I have Sprint 700p w/ Phone-As-Modem plan. I use both PdaNet & USB Modem with either cable or bluetooth. No overclocking.

When I'm downloading a large file (~50mb), I can get speed burst up to 90-120kB/s with avg speed between 40-60kB/s.

The problem is when speed is sustained over ~65kB/s, the connection would only last for ~10 mins before hanging in the case of PdaNet and disconnected when using USB Modem (same result w/ either cable or bt). I can browse and stream for hrs w/o issues; I can download all day long (if under 65kB/s); but as soon as I start to dl from a fast site with a large enough file that would require more than 10 mins...the connection hangs. What gives? Does Sprint have some kind of speed limit sensor? I've tried various settings and haven't figured it out. Any insight or assistance is appreciated.