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    As the title says;

    "What apps do not work with Sprint rom 1.07 that use to work with rom 1.04?"

    If there were apps that didn't work, was there an upgrade that made everything ok again?

    Did the app upgrade give back the stability it had before the rom 1.07 upgrade, or maybe almost but not quite?

    Example, I just upgraded my SAG from 1.17 to 1.20 to get ready for the rom 1.07 upgrade because I heard that the rom 1.07 upgrade broke SAG 1.17 - well after upgrading SAG to 1.20 it now possibly comflicts with "Lightspeed 3.0 Final" a little - only after more testing will I know for sure.

    So how about it - any apps that flaked out after the Sprint rom 1.07 upgrade?

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    SAG is the only one I recall having significant issues with the ROM update. Regarding Lightspeed, I've heard several people having issues with background running apps (including SAG). I think one possible solution is to buy SafeGuard and quarantine apps that are incompatible, when using Lightspeed for any length of time). That is just a temporary solution and a PIA, I realize, but...better then having to sacrifice one or the other.
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    SAG is the only one I've heard of so far as well. Lightspeed works fine on mine and I do have Safeguard installed as one of the beta testers. No crashes for a long while but SAG not working is a big downer...
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    Blazer locks up every few minutes, since I've done the upgrade. With no 3rd party apps, nor VM setup. Even did a RTN reset. Blazer is crap.
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    Ouch! I almost seriously was going to do the update tonight - but I think I'll wait for a few more replies.

    I wish there was a way to go back and reflash to rom 1.04 - I hate one way only updates.

    I thought someone was trying to build custom roms to go back to 1.04. Anyone know about that?
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    Everything is working as good or better on my recently upgraded 755P. Very happy with the update. I have things like Kinoma EX, Slingbox, many many games, chatter, webmessenger, 2Day, 4Cast, LauncherX, McPhling, DA, all working perfectly.
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    Did the update the first week it was available.
    BLAZER is quick and SAG 1.20 works great and so doesn't everything else. My 755p seems snappier and more responsive than ever!

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    well, I did the update and I posted it here;

    I probably should have posted my original question there also? - anyways it is post #424

    thanks for all your replies - I finally did it! :-)
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    I had done the update as well, and I redownloaded Agendus and it is working properly now. I had installed this before but it was locking my phone up, so i had to uninstall it.

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