The company I am working for is still running an older version of ACT! 2005 which is version 8.x I believe. I had a Tungsten E2 that was set up to sync with ACT! and it worked fine, but now my 755p won't sync properly. (I'm using ACT! for Palm OS (I think version 2, it's not the latest one, but it's the only one my company has right now.) The company says they are going to upgrade to ACT! 2008, but I don't know if that's in the near future or not.

I get the proper connection and it will sync about 384 contacts into my Palm, there are over 2000 in the ACT! database.

I was curious if this is a version problem with either ACT! or ACT! for Palm OS. Or even possibly a problem relating to max number of contacts in the Palm being reached.

I have very few apps installed on my Palm, so there is plenty of free space on the device and I also have a 2gb sd card, so there is no shortage of space there either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!