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    I have a friend that is new to the Centro / smart phone world.

    He is looking for software to run on the Centro to help him manage his stock / investments.

    Can anyone suggest software to do this. He is a Sprint user with a SERO plan, so live, updated data is desired. I tried to search for this info, but I must be using the wrong search terms...I couldn't find anything that new (old thread on Quicken vs. MS Money) .

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    I use Stock Manager.

    Have a look at ""

    I think they have a demo option so you can try it before you by it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christer View Post
    I use Stock Manager.

    Have a look at ""

    I think they have a demo option so you can try it before you by it.
    Stock Mangaer is a good software but it only provides the delayed quotation from Yahoo Finance.
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    What software is he using on his PC now? I can't imagine there is anything close to that for a cell? I imagine he'd need software that will sync with his PC, which puts it back on the PC end.

    On a side note I just found out USA Today will text news updates throughout the day on business, sports and what not.

    Mad Money will text the stock info if you miss the show.
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    I use 4Stocks from, it has the standard delay. Ben
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    I also recommend and use Stock Manager from Tiny Stocks. I don't think you'll find a program that does live quotes ....I could be wrong, but I think unless the program is from your brokerage live quotes aren't free and you usually need to agree to the Nasdaq and NYSE agreement when first setting up your account so I'll be shocked to see a commercial software that gives out live quotes.
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    I think Opacity is right. You have to agree to pages of limitations before you can live quotes from your brokerage. A phone tool shouldn't be any different.

    If you trade with Fidelity, you might want to check out their site. They will give you real time quotes and their interface is the best of the brokers that I trade with (Fidelity, eTrade, Schwab). There may be some others but I'm unaware of them. And don't expect too much. It is hard to do much on a small screen. Even a single computer screen is not enough for most people much less 320x320.
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    Try out StockBrokerPro from

    I found it to be much better than Stock Manager, specially the import/export capabilities.
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