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    We have three users out of 15 who have experienced an anomoly between calandering in Outlook and Goodlink. Appointments are bing moved to new times in Outlook, but the calendar entries are not updated in Goodlink, so they stay at the old time. This is very frustrating to our users when they are out of the office, and I am having a hard time identifying why this happens or recreating this issue on a test device.

    Specs: We are using Palm Treo 650 devices (Good Messaging Handheld Software Version, Handheld OS Version 5.403, Network Name US Sprint CDMA, Exchange Server Version 6.5.7652.24).

    I have done a hard/soft reset, but it doesn't fix the issue. It is an inconsistent issue that doesn't happen with all calendar entries. Email is updated fine but on occasion when a calendar entry is updated it is not updated on the Goodlink calendar.

    I am wondering if it may have to do with moving of reoccuring calendar entries or it might be a delegate issue when the users admin assistants (inbox delegate for Mgmt.) who move onetime/reoccuring appointments to new times in Outlook, but somehow the calendar entries are not updated in Goodlink.

    This is very frustrating to our users, and I am having a hard time identifying why this happens. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening? We are looking at new smartphones, but our Mgmt. is hesitent to keep using Goodlink because of this issue. Thank you, Hendo
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    Something I do when a phone won't connect is connect it to an existing user that I know works. For example if user A can't connect but, user B can. Connect User B on User A's phone. If it works then try and connect User A on user B's phone. If it doesn't work it can be something in the settings of the goodlink account. If it does work, then it is the phone's software.
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    Thank you BenJoeM for the response.

    The phones seem to be connecting correctly, email is routing correctly, it is just some of the appointments that will not update on the Treo when they are moved in Outlook. Very odd and maybe specialized situation becuase I can't find other instances on forums. Thanks, Hendo

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