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    I did a search on this and someone stated the same thing and got no reply.

    My Centro will all of a sudden vibrate and I will not have any messages, texts, voicemails, nothing.

    Can anyone please steer me in the right direction?
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    LOL. I think EVERYONE has gone thru this. Check Sprint Mobile Email. You might have set it up and the default setting for notifications is to vibrate the phone.

    Thats one possible solution.
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    there's always this possibility too:
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    One possibility is that sometimes when switching the ringer to vibrate, it takes a long time for the Centro to 'register' (not sure why or when)...I will then get a vibrate later (which should have happened when I switched)
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    How can you change the settings so that it doesn't vibrate?
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    I have the problem of the phone not vibrate when received email. I set the alert to vibrate and it is working fine for of 5 to 6 hours and it stopped afterward. It can only be resolved by a soft reset. Even though I unchecked the Alert and re-check it back but it still did not work.
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    i have a sprint phone with the same exact issues... and i haven't played with my options for a while..

    any solution... i'd really be intersted
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