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    i and my wife plam monopoly, scrabble and other game that allow multiplayers over bluetooth. what im wondering is is there and game that allow 2 players throught the treos internet connection. even turn based games like monopoly or scrabble?
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    Not yet that I know of. but there is a turned-based system set up for playing (so far) chess, checkers, dots-and-boxes and.......tic-tac-toe. it is specifically for palms at present and works off an application called wifight. the developer is planning on adding more games and many wifighters have suggested scrabble, but the recent 'scrabbling' over Scrabulous might give him pause for thought!

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    Hmm...theoretically zDoomz, zHeretic, zHexen or zQuake could work multiplayer over internet, assuming the cell carrier allows UDP packets through the network. I'm not sure if that's firewalled or not to a Treo, I've never tried it. I suppose I could do some testing with my wife's 700p tonight...

    Either way they do work through bluetooth for multiplayer.

    Warfare Inc is another that supports multiplayer, but I'm not sure if it would work over the Treo's internet or not. I know it will do internet over a wifi connection if you have a Palm Device that supports wifi.
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