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    Hi all,

    I don't see any posting on this after a lot of searching, so am wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and I just can't find it or it is a problem somehow unique to my situation.

    - The problem I get is endless repeating of the same popup window saying the same thing over and over again. It is difficult to make it stop because the message comes so frequently.
    - The situation: I write and send an SMS when the phone is off (e.g., on plane) so it is stored in the outbox. Then I turn on the phone (e.g., after landing) and expect the message to go out
    - The process: (when phone is off) Write SMS, click send, phone asks if I want to turn on phone, I click no, it tells me it will save the message in outbox and send when the phone is on. Message is in outbox, phone is off, I go do something else. All seems great.
    - Then: (after turning on phone later) 1) the message does not go out (just sits in the outbox, and 2) I get messages every 1-2 seconds saying it will save the message in the outbox and send when the phone is on. Problem is that the phone is on. Second problem is that it just won't stop no matter how many times I click ok, reset, etc.
    - What do I do: try to quickly delete the sms in the outbox in the 1-2 seconds between popup messages, which takes a while. Then have to soft reset or else it will do the same thing again with every new sms I send, even though the sms is sent when the phone is now ON!

    The full popup message text is here:
    Phone is off
    The message has been saved in the Outbox. It will automatically be sent the next time the phone is on.

    I was recently stuck in traffic in a taxi and just counted how many times it would give me the same message before stopping. I counted 97 before I got sick of it and traffic started moving again. 97 of the same message over and over again and no sign of stopping!

    Anyone else experience this? Anyone can help with this?


    Software: Treo680-1.05-APR
    Updates: DST,
    Singapore SMS update
    Primary location: Singapore
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    have never had that problem, though for the most part when I try sending SMSs without sending them immediately, it's when the phone is out of coverage rather than off.

    one thing I like about the Treo's SMS handling is if you simply leave the SMS application while writing a text message -- when you return, it'll still be there. that's usually what I do when I write a text and am out of coverage: just exit with the message there, and send it when I get out of the subway.(or don't when I realize it was a pointless message anyway.)
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    try to hardreset ... backup first with NVbackup (free) or any backup apps

    if the problem persist > try to pull out the SimCard then use it with another Phone to see wheter the problem caused by simcard or treo itself. Then put it back to Treo.

    try to upgrade your ROM into the latest version 2.12 - ROW

    hope it helps

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