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    I have this program Launcher X and it won't delete. I get Error: Unable to delete Launcher X.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Did you disable LauncherX, or disable Home button default in LauncherX prefs?

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    No..the app isn't working. When I try to load it, it gives me a launcher X skin error. No skin that supports your device was found.
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    Pardon me for sounding stupid, but what does a LauncherX skin (in your reply above) have to do with your original inquirey about deleting LaunchX in your original post?

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    just giving context
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    Oh, I think I figured out what you mean, you messed around a deleted something (a Skin or some file?) and you are stuck with a dud...

    Try doing a warm reset (safe mode) and delete it with the default uninstaller, or Destaller Lite.

    Or try using a file manager like Filez or Resco Explorer and delete the LauncherX files.....

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    warm reset device then try

    take out battery or press the reset button, depending on your device
    before putting battery back in or letting go of reset button, hold up on the 5way pad until u see the default phone screen,,, then go the route of deleting the file

    it wont be locked if it was previously
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    This is an easy problem to fix but it requires an application like FileZ ( You just need to use this application to delete all of the files that begin with the 2 letters LX from the main memory of your device. Launcher X will work properly after this.


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