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    Reading mixed info so not totally sure.

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    I'm not an expert on GSM, but I would think they should work. Backup everything and then try a trial of each app separately and see what happens.
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    I hope you are not thinking about buying CallFilter - it is abandonware, whether it works or not.

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    To my knowledge, CallFilter has not been actively developed for years. I think the last Treo model supported by CallFilter was the Treo 700 and that was beta. Rob stepped aways from Palm developement a number of years ago.

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    I've tried CallFilter, however I still feel CallShield (Mantra group) is the best of its category out there. Tis the only application that I am aware of with Pickup+announce+hangup. I wish someone would update the code for use on the latest Palm devices.
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    As a former user of CallShield, I can vouch that it is also abandonware - you really should consider a currently support application such as RingCare (Jeff's application), LightWav, or CallBlock. Something that works fine for a while and then causes you problem AND with no support to take care of it, well, it just is not worth the problem.

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    My vote is for CallBlock by far. "Call filtering" is a very important feature to me. I recently switched from the 700w to the Centro so I had to find a new call filter app. I tried all of the above and none have worked as well as CallBlock. The only feature call block is/was missing to me was the "ignore" feature where the caller would hear the phone ring all the way out but on your end the phone wouldn't ring or wake up. The caller would have no idea they are being "filtered". So I decided to email the developer and I received a response within a couple of hours saying he would try to implement that feature in his next beta. So soon CallBlock will be perfect IMHO. Plus if there are any features you feel are missing I believe you can count on Wang to respond quickly and try to implemet requests that are within reason.

    I believe we need to support the developers that are actively improving their software. I think it is important to ensure we will have developers in the future.
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    Yes, Wang, Jeff and Danny provide excellent support. Ben
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    There is another app that just does call filtering...I think its called BuzzOff or something like that. I've never used it though, so I can't say anything about its pro or cons.
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    I currently use CallBlock, however it does not have pickup+announce+hangup tis difficult to implement pickup+hangup for blocked id's. It would be great if the caller could heard an announcement like, "the person who called does not wish to speak to people with a blocked id, please try *82 before calling back" (the beauty of the non-working/abandoned callshield)
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    I have purchased both callfilter and buzzoff and they both work just as well on my centro as they did on my 650 700 and 755. not perfect but well enough that I am not upset. I will check out the new call block
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