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    Does it have any way to configure the OTA install to the MicroSD Card?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Doing a OTA download to your Palm OS device gives you a choice automagically of where you want the file to go with a screen prior to the download.

    If you download a zip, it will go to your card/Palm/Blazer/Download folder.

    If you download a prc file, you can choose the device, or you can choose the card. If card is chosen, the file will go to card/Palm/Launcher folder.

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    Thanks TreoTraveler

    It did not prompt me to choose to install to card when I install "Palm Files" from "My Centro".
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    You can use Zlauncher to move files from the internal RAM to the sd card.

    Zlauncher is very good at moving files between the two.
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    A good idea for OTA install is to get HandZipper Lite. It's free and will let you install zipped applications without any hassle at all.

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