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    Hi folks,

    Had my trusty but rusty Cingular 650 since 3/05. Made the upgrade to AT&T Treo 680 last month, so far working well, no complaints. Now here's a little question...

    Which SIM card should I use? A new one came in the box from AT&T along with the Treo 680, but it didn't work right away (no connection to AT&T network). So I took old Cingular SIM card out of my Cingular 650 and popped it into my Treo 680 and it worked immediately and flawlessly ever since. Only thing I notice is that my 680 says I am connected to "Cingular" rather than AT&T in upper left corner of phone app screen. Splash screen for phone activation, of course, does say AT&T. I've been receiving and initiating phone calls flawlessly just as before with my unchanged phone number. Is there any reason I why this is a problem? Is there a compelling reason why I should use the newer AT&T-specific SIM card, which I suppose I would have to have "activated" by AT&T? Any drawbacks to continued use of old but seemingly functional Cingular SIM card?

    Thanks for your ideas!
    -- Josh
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    my husband still uses his old sim card too, and the only difference is that the new card is a 3g card, while the use he's using isn't.

    He's got a samsung nonsmartphone right now, but will be switching to my old 680 soon. when i used the 680 (bought through palm) mine was still an old card, and like you, i had no problems. when i upgraded to the centro they gave me a new card
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