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    about an hour ago everything was fine

    normally, upon clicking a link in blazer the top bar with the icons goes away and a red X shows up along with a load amount for the page. this always tells me when I have clicked on a link and how much info has been loaded and then turns back into the normal bar when finished loading, otherwise known as "i like having that come up"

    now when I click a link nothing happens to the top bar and it just loads until the page is done. I don't like that

    I have soft reset the phone, and it still does it

    can anyone help me get normal back?
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    Hmm, I have an unbranded and unlocked Centro from the UK working on T-Mobile and it displays all the information you are missing now but once had.

    Have you installed any new software on your Centro lately?

    Who is your carrier? Did they make a change?

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    I haven't done anything to it in a few days. it started over the course of about an hour. sometimes it flips between the two top bars about once a second

    I have sprint sero
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    I have a Sprint Centro, had it since OCT 15th.

    Blazer has not displayed the behavior you describe.

    You could try dumping Blazer Cache if you don't have 'Clear Cache on Exit' checked.

    You could also try dumping the Blazer History Cache and dump your Cookies too.

    If the above does not help, it maybe related to a program on your Centro or something else that the store techs can help you with.

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    This has happened to me many times. Although I don't know if it has happened since I dumped my cache. Let me test it out and get back to you.
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    I've dumped my cache and cookies a few times today

    it randomly works and doesn't work at all different times of the day. for a single large page load it'll not come up, then 5 seconds later come up, then flash flash flash on and off for a few seconds, then go back to the normal nav bar for a few seconds, then come back up......etc etc

    pisses me off
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